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Cross platform App frameworks

5 January 2020

Cross platform Applications

Cross platform app frameworks refer to a kind of software development that helps the developers to create applications that are compatible to many such as iOS and Androids. It requires preparing the code once and then using it on any platform.

With increasing development costs these frameworks are more preferred as compared to others. Before approaching a bigger picture let us layout the differences is this approach and the traditional one. Native app development targets a comparatively low audience by limiting their compatible devices whereas cross platform app frameworks can be used on wide number of devices.

Native app development is preferred when the developer knows that he wants to put the application only in front of a particular audience i.e. that uses a particular device.

Let us discuss the positives and negatives of a Cross platform development.

  • Shorter market time:

    It saves the development time for different devices.

  • Fewer tech barriers:

    The developers are not restricted to only one platform and can use this to create a single site for each.

  • Cost efficiency:

    It is cheaper as compared to developing different apps for different platforms.

  • Code reusability:

    A single code can be used for multiple platforms. So, it’s half the effort and time as compared to native app development.

  • Cloud integration:

    Cloud integration with this framework is easy. You can even incorporate them rapidly with big business grade modules therefore offering all inclusive similarity.

  • Lack Of updates:

    The framework used might not have all features and if at all google adds some feature on android that will have to be used in the application.

  • Lower Platform Functionality:

    Does not allow enjoying all the unique features of all the tools used in every platform.

  • UI issues:

    Each device will have its own particular page layout and features options. So making one application compatible for all the devices can have its drawbacks and hurdles.

  • Integration Challenges:

    Integrating the app with local settings and other notification apps can be a tedious task.

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