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1 July 2020

Internet of Things software

There are a lot of Ecommerce CMS platforms but below are some of the ones widely used in the development of sites.

1. Wordpress WooCommerce
2. Magneto
3. Zen Cart
4. OsCommerce
5. Shopify
6. Big Commerce
7. Drupal Ubercart
8. Volusion


Before actually stepping in the development part the client should be well versed about what he expects of his site and what all he wants to include in the same. The aspects that are to be clear of are:

1. Whether the results are wanted for long term or short one.

2. The number of products the client wants to include in the site and if he will be introducing more in the future.

3. The features and look of the site.

4. The amount of targeted audience that the client wants on his site.

5. Whether the site needs to be integrated using POS or inventory management system


1. Wordpress – WooCommerce

• Free to download
• Only web hosting costs while starting are charged, easy to install.
• Setup costs are low
• Low customization costs
• Medium charges charged to update and maintain the site
• Highly user friendly
• Good for SEO
• WordPress.org lists over 35,000 plugins. That’s unrivalled.
• Flexible scalability
• Medium tech support

2. Magneto

Free to download
• Uses web developer to install and needs web hosting as well
• High setup cost
• High customization costs
• With the growth of products and audiences the ongoing charges are increased
• User friendly but not as much as wordpress
• Great at SEO capabilities
• Many value options available
• Good amount of extensions available
• No dedicated tech support

3. Volusion

• Free for limited days
• US$15/mth for up to 100 products, $135/mth unlimited products.
• Low setup cost
• Low customization cost
• No transactional fee
• Highly user friendly
• Works well with SEO
• Plugins are limited to what is provided by Volusion
• Limited scalability
• High tech support

4. Shopify

• Free for 14 days
• US$14/mth for Up to 25, $178/mth unlimited products.
• Low setup cost
• Low customization
• Medium ongoing costs
• Extremely easy to use
• Extremely good with SEO
• Limited plugins and extensions
• Only integration with POS
• High Tech support

At the end of this we can say that the whole topic compares cost audiences and products on the site. Prioritise these factors and you’ll be able to narrow down your options.

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