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Healthcare and AR-VR

5 March 2020

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Healthcare has proved to be a booming sector in 2000's, with busy schedules and working patterns people seem to be more cautious about their and their family's health. With this boom the healthcare departments seek technology's help top overcome their working pressure and build more accuracy in their working environments.

The healthcare sector has been consistently advancing with the adoption of cutting-edge technologies for better diagnostics and treatment.The rise of customized drug, expanded utilization of exponential innovations, passage of problematic and non-customary contenders, the interest for extended consideration conveyance destinations, and redid installment and open subsidizing models are for the most part affecting the money related execution of the human services biological system. In the presented topic we are going to elaborate a particular sector of technology i.e. AR and VR in the Healthcare sector.


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Augmented reality is defined as "an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to add digital information on an image of something." Whereas Virtual Reality is defined as "the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment." Virtual reality and Augmented reality achieve two altogether different things in two altogether different ways, regardless of the comparable plans of the gadgets themselves. VR replaces reality, taking you elsewhere. AR adds to the real world, anticipating data over what you're as of now observing. They're both ground-breaking innovations that still can't seem to make their imprint with customers, yet demonstrate a great deal of guarantee. They can totally change how we use computers in future, yet whether one or both will succeed is impossible to say at this moment.


There are a lot of fields where AR and VR can be used as a way to enhance the working standards of Healthcare field. Below we have listed down few of the benefits that we find worth mentioning such as:

1. In surgery:

A visualization of a complex surgery before the actual surgery can prove to be a boon for this industry as this can avoid a lot of complications beforehand.Recently as 2016, an operation to remove a cancerous tissue was broadcasted to a live audience of medical students using a VR camera. This is something that was unimaginable a decade ago.

2. Improved Patient Experience:

When patients are left to be taken care by the machines in the hospital AR and VR can make this experience better by helping them maintain a continuous interaction with their family members and bringing in life like virtual experiences to keep their mind active.

3. Psychological relief to the patients:

AR and VR can be used to bring mental relief and stress free encvironment to the patients. This can be done by providing an elaborate virtual reality environment can be used for pain reduction and improvement of sleep habits. Also, VR can be used to help amputees to get accustomed to their state and experience once again their missing limbs.

4. Training:

No alt text provided for this image With the help of these two technologies a healthcare education system can perfectly train their students by providing them the right and exact virtuality of a human body. Thios will ensure that the students are well equipped with the right knowledge of how to treat what and hence be more accurate and precise about their procedures.

5. Advanced Diagnostics / Risk Assessment

No alt text provided for this image Diagnostics is one of the basic territories of human services that frequently depends on exact outcomes and close appraisal of different side effects. It is a questionable and frequently dreary undertaking where everything about and can conceivably break the analysis in an alternate course.AR can assume a noteworthy role in progressively proficient distinguishing, counteracting and treating numerous diseases. Beginning from picturing data originating from sensors into one firm interface to demonstrating potential reasons for a patient's state by means of examination.


Apart from the points presented above there are a lot more that can be added. There are a whole lot possibilities and areas where AR has influenced healthcare and many are still to be discovered.

Look into these points before choosing a Payment Gateway for your online business. With the increase in websites and Mobile applications based on businesses, people expect to speed-en their purchase and similarly on the part of business owners. Business owners today want their payment process to be fast and hassle free, here comes the role of online Payment Gateways.

So what is payment gateway? A payment gateway is a merchant service that processes credit card or direct payments for eCommerce sites and traditional brick and mortar stores. Choosing a right payment gateway is very essential while you plan on setting your business online as your choice of an online payment gateway could impact the overall customer experience on the website and also the way you receive money from customers. Below are few criteria that you need to keep in mind when you are considering to implement a payment gateway at your online introduction of your business.

1. Considering the correct product

It enables clients to purchase the item or administration through a typical type of installment, for example, credit card, debit card, or any other mode that incorporates monetary information. While picking the correct product, you ought to think about how versatile your installment arrangement is, while remembering its security.

2. Security of your customer

Obviously while opting for a payment gateway you not only think about yourself but your customer including things like easy transaction and safe transaction. When people do payment on your site they should be confirmed about the safety of credentials they provide as a means to know that what they are putting their valuable info in, is and should be safe.

3. Fees and agreement by the providers

You should have done a thorough market search about the types of payment gateways that are in the market, their setup fees if any, their agreement that they get signed from you and so on. And what kind of agreement they offer. A couple of services may require setup expenses and contracts, or they may assemble exchange charges if the request and exchange volume that was normal when administration was developed, isn't met.

4. Effectiveness

The payments that are done on a particular gateway should not be cancelled or stop in between of transaction this creates a bad impression of your online site and hence people will not opt for this service the next time they want to shop as this can mean an unresponsive deduction of the amount.

5. Compatibility

The Gateway should be compatible to all the gadgets that are used to make an order, that is all cell phones and laptops giving the customer the liberty to access any order at any device.

6. Multi features

There should be options of Credit cards, Debit cards etc. apart from this the gateway should be compatible to all the banks in the market.

7. Recurring billing

This enables you to set up a programmed charging cycle for customers who take a shot at enlistment. Repeating charging is a flat out need for organizations with regularly scheduled installment plans. Additionally, non-benefits have discovered utility in repeating charging, as this usefulness empowers associations to successfully gather assets from standard benefactors.

8. An All time customer support:

To maintain a strategic distance from that circumstance of customer manually looking for solution in case anything goes wrong, check whether the supplier offers live specialized help, in any event inside standard working hours, so you can rapidly resolve any specialized issues.

By choosing the correct payment gateway you can have a prompt and positive effect on your client's understanding, just as, your income and benefit. All you need is to do appropriate research and consider the above-examined factors, before picking and actualizing the correct item for you.

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