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Looking to redefine your retail business with smart mobility solutions?

Sensors on wrist. Sensors on phone. Sensors in the home. With always on tracking of movement & exercise routines and friction-less food & nutrition information logging, wellness & fitness has never seen such IT-enabled focus. People are conscious about their health and are spending a huge amount of their wealth in IT solutions that provide the right information at the right time to improve and maintain their fitness. Absolve Tech helps brands and start-ups use the best in technology to provide state-of-the-art solutions to service these consumers and drive long-term loyalty. With technologies like Mobile app development, IoT Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, AR-VR, Chatbot development etc., the future of healthcare industry is advancing and changing continuously. For instance, wearables and 3D printing, when they were invented, were not meant to be used to cater healthcare industry. However, they are increasingly utilised in various areas of healthcare industry using wearable app development, Artificial Intelligence and AR/VR.

Advanced Hospital Mobility Solutions

Leveraging enterprise mobility solutions, hospitals can now go Smart and have broad range of solutions such as connected rooms, smart alerts and notifications, smartphone based applications for caregivers. The hospital mobility solutions leveraging mHealthcare offers following features:

  • Streamlined and clinical workflow
  • Effective and well managed staff performance
  • Pharmacy and other inventory management with RFID and other tagging technologies.
  • Smart consoles to allow patients to track their treatment progress and communicate with staff, doctors or relatives.
  • Electronic medical records (EMRs), Electronic Health Records (EHRs), can be better determined.
 Hospital Mobility Solution

Custom mobility and consulting for increasing Doctor’s Productivity

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Doctors frequently face critical issues in communicating with the patients while they have to look after other patients too. This hampers their productivity a lot. Proper integration of Healthcare solutions can increase doctors’ productivity and much personalized communications and encounters with patients. Integrating Healthcare solutions can help increasing doctors’ productivity in following ways:

  • Patient engagement mobile apps help in improved and personalized application
  • Secured data application
  • Monitor vital health indicators collected by portable devices for accurate treatments
  • Monitor patients at home live audio and video streaming Competent disease management

Track daily calorie intake with a nutrition app

Everyone desired to have their favorite food without the dread of gaining weight. A nutrition app enables you to choose rich and healthy food in the grocery store. It also helps you track and store your daily calorie intake. A Nutrition app can advise individuals on choosing what to and what not to eat.

  • Learn diet constituents in food items
  • Follow diet routine plans suggested by nutrition experts
  • Track daily calorie intake vs daily burn calorie
  • Share your diet achievements over social media with your acquaintance and doctor
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Defining Patient engagement through medical care management

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Challenges in care management today are conventional and outdated high-friction channels for patient engagement. Not even the care plans are personalized to what a patient actually needs. If care managers are busted with other tasks, they are often prevented from operating at the top of the responsibilities. With Healthcare solutions, patient engagement can be redefined in following ways:

  • Augmented Reality for unique customer experience
  • Interactive care programs are delivered through mobile app for patient engagement.
  • Patient engagement through mobile care program and updates health status.
  • Virtual assistance and appointment records for long term patient relationship
  • Real-time insights by care managers through patient monitoring systems.

Role of internet of things in Healthcare and fitness industry to track user’s activity

An app that tracks your every activity including the steps you take, time taken, distance covered. Based on your activity, the app calculates the burned calories. These tracking apps also suggest and track your exercises, such as crunches, pull ups, push ups, etc. Set goals to track calories burnt. View real time statistics of your walks, rides, runs and more.

  • Set Daily goals and see how far you are from achieving it.
  • Connect app with BLE smart watch
  • Records all the activities carried by you.
  • Record the distance and route you travelled on map.
Internet of things software

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