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“What technical revolution telehealth has bought in the Healthcare industry?”

Telehealth encompasses of technology & tactics to deliver Virtual medical & health services.

Live Video Conferencing : A Doctor can connect with a far-away Patient, which Helps in follow-up between the care team and the patient.

Scheduling Appointments : The appointments can be easily scheduled based on the needs & availability of both the physicians and the person Seeking the treatment.

Ability To Support A Large Number Of Devices : The Software we develop can be easily deployed on a vast number of devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and any other clinical endpoints.

Reports & Documentation Storage : Documentation and compilation of all the medical records and reports can be quite a tedious job. We have got you covered with a feature that helps you effectively maintain the patient and reports database and essentially produce them as and when required at just one click.

This has helped health care industry to treat large number of patients remotely with ease.

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Features Of Telehealth/Telemedicine Software

Integrated Audio And Video One of the most important aspects of a telemedicine software app is that it helps in bridging the connectivity gap between the doctor and the patient. Patients can effectively schedule an appointment with their doctors and connect for a quick consultation at their own comfort, from their living rooms & this possible with proper integration of Video and Audio feature within the application.

Communicate Effectively The appointments can be easily scheduled based on the needs & availability of both the physicians and the person seeking for treatment.

Easily To Use Interface The telemedicine/telehealth website & application you get will be easily configurable to accommodate your preferences. The interface will be easy to use & fast enough to navigate. You can get it customized depending on each and every specialty in your hospital.

Appointment Scheduling The appointments can be scheduled based on the needs and availability of both the physicians & the person seeking the treatment.

HIPAA And HL7 Compliance The system will be HL7 and HIPAA compliant. Absolve Tech understands the importance of HIPAA compliant telehealth, telemedicine software platform. Hence, makes sure that System meets all the required standards of the Health Accountability Act and HL7.

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Our Application's Attributes

  • Doctor's Profile
  • Patient's Profile
  • Doctor's Review
  • Scheduling
  • Managing Appointments
  • Prescriptions
  • Efficient Monitoring System
  • Extensive Patient Reach
  • Better Practice Efficiency
  • Time-Saving

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