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1 Sep 2020

Internet of Things software

A unique experience is what a business owner aims while creating an application. So lets see how the young entrepreneurs attract customers by using try on applications for their brand.

Virtual and Augmented reality is what is focused these days by most apparel, glasses, or fashion brands in their applications. Why? Let’s suppose you like a product online and you are unsure of what it might look like on you. Would you take a chance and go for it and after that go through hassle to return it. It wastes a lot of time and efforts of the company and the customer himself. Virtual try on apps help the customers to get a 360 degree view of how your product will look on them. To take an example let’s consider Poke mongo, this was a game based on Augmented reality and it was noted that it bypassed $1.2bn in revenue and 750 million downloads by the summer of 2017. Apart from that large retailers like IKEA also use AR to give their customers a full visualization of what their furniture will look like when it is placed in their home.

Below are few points that makes investing in AR in your application, a good deal for your growth:

1. In the case of travel businesses AR Helps Travelers Discover New Wonders
2. AR Enables Object Recognition: AR gives a simple and helpful route for clients to get to know new electronic gadgets. You can utilize AR to perceive different items and access extra data through a virtual manual on your cell phone.
3. Face-Based AR Boosts Fitness Apps: AR can power facial recognition technology, opening new opportunities for app related to health and beauty.
4. AR Powers Indoor Navigation: Advantageous indoor route enables clients to discover their way in airplane terminals, shopping centers, huge places of business, manufacturing plants, and medical clinics. It likewise advances traveler streams.
5: Mobile AR improves customer engagement: A great example that we can take for customer engagement on Mobile platform is Snap chat that has been bringing AR to the mainstream through its filters, which are applied to image and video messages sent and received by 180+ million daily active users worldwide.

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