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IMC - International Medical Center

We have created a website and application for International Medical Centre that deals in the process of appointments management for the clients...

Infinity Doctors

This project provides the medical services to the Brazilian patients who stay in the America and need any kind of medical assistance on behalf of their medical insurance with the Albert Einstein Hospital in Brazil.

Synchronization of Legacy ERP Systems with Salesforce.com using BizTalk

An easy-to-use web-resource for job hunting especially for young just graduated specialists...

Asset management solution using RFID

The Key objective was to reduce possibilities of manual /human error , reduce time and streamline preflights processes by End to end automation of pre-flight functions...

Web Based Video Conferencing Application

Powerful web-based video conferencing application that allows video/audio peer-to-peer communication and group text messaging without installation of any additional software...

Online Examination System

Blockchain enabled Online Examination System with unique features to conduct objective, subjective assessments with AI driven Remote Proctoring Analytics. This Web Application provides facility to online examination worldwide...

Food Ordering System

Browse nearby restaurants and search for food by cuisine, restaurant name, dish, meal, and diet.

Automated Stock In-Warding Process Logistics Software Service Provider

The client has several end users for their logistics and supply chain management system. Some of the major business issues were...

Web-Based Human Resource Management System

An easy-to-use web-resource for job hunting especially for young just graduated specialists.

MedMobilie- SaaS Application

The admin web site should cover all functionalities from worker’s approval, supervisor creation and job management, bill/invoice management, payroll management, report management etc...

Automated Customer Support Services And Sales Functions With AI Powered Chatbot

A leading manufacturer in USA for shower doors, was looking to automate their Customer Support and Sales functions to make their operations more efficient.

Your Nutrition Matters

You Deserve Better came to Absolve Tech to develop a patient engagement software that allows users to get complete nutrition data for hundreds of foods and to purchase a diet depending on a blood type...

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